The Project

Buddies! I am so charmed you are here! I have started a little endeavor called “The Manna Project” that is a movement of one day pulls back for women. All ages. A wide range of various foundations. All of YOU! These retreats are planned to see better the significant requests that can help us in our walks around the Lord, and how to go along with them into our consistently lives. These retreats are planned to escape for a day, to think, to learn, to expend a couple of treats, to meet new people, to accomplish a little work out, and to be isolated from those things that can involve us.

This is the thing that you can expect on a normal retreat:

10:00 am: Arrive, meet new people, acknowledge coffee and a light snack.

10:30-11:30: Bible examination about the significant controls that we will get some answers concerning that day, bundle trade, and practicing the requests we have analyzed

11:45-12:45: Yoga to stretch out our bodies and to rehearse a control called “Breath Prayer”

1:00-3:00: Two hours of confinement. You. Alone. With Jesus. Moreover a sack lunch that you brought.

3:30-5:00: Recap, talk about, acknowledge milk and treats, and each other’s essence.

What you get: A day of association, fun, study, retreat, quiet, work out, and clearly… treats! In any case truly, you will get an hour of Bible examination and materials that will further your walk around Christ and set you up set up that you may take these gadgets and usage them consistently, an hour of yoga taught by me (did you realize I am right now getting ensured? Damnation yes!), a light breakfast, dessert and munchies after your disengagement, three hours of seclusion in solitude, and a bring home gift.

Our Objective:

Mass relocation 16 portrays an absurd and grumbling period of Israelites who have been defended from the oppression of subjugation from Pharaoh. What’s more when they accomplish the wild, they are worried of what they will devour and refreshment, and they declare that they would have preferably ignored on in coercion be without in circumstance. In this way God accommodates them sustenance, a substance that is superbly given, Scripture says “poured down” and its severe translation is, “What is it?” for quite a while God gave the Israelites food. Which suggests that for quite a while, The Israelites expended, made due off of, relied on, held up energetically for, and longed for something they did not understand what it was.

How frequently in life do we look at around at the hand we’ve been overseen, at the state of our associations, our prosperity, our loved ones, our country, and our existence, and we look at the bits, all things considered, and we yell, “What. Is. It?” We detest holding up, we severely dislike lines, we despise being lost consequently we look and explain and comprehend anyone’s burden that will accommodate us the appropriate response we are scanning for. Simultaneously Jesus tells us that His burden is straightforward and His heap is light.

Jesus went out by the lake and inquired. Alone. Autonomous from any other individual. He fasted. He cried. The Israelites put in 40 years living off of a riddle substance. We, fill our lives with such a wide range of things, we experience neglected how light the difficulty of Jesus really is.

The goal of The Nourishment Task is to look at the case of how Jesus drew a long way from the multitudes of people, and drawing upon the out of date Otherworldly Teaches including segregation, lectio divinia, breath petition to God, and fasting, and to recoup the significant trains as an indispensable bit of our Christian walk. Since honestly, we are generally wandering. We’ve been shielded from subjugation, and we are foreseeing the ensured region. However, we end up awkward with the dark and having no answers is our most perceptibly terrible awful dream. Like the Israelites, we would prefer to kick the basin in enslavement than wonder in adaptability. J.R.R. Tolkien once said “The individuals who meander are not generally lost.” Profound controls demonstrate us to sit in the cloud and take care of the spirit of God to meet us, and to demonstrate us what it expects to be serene, to get the burden of Jesus as found in Scripture and to calm the voices of everything else.


Up and coming Retreats:

At the point when: Saturday, Might 19, 2012

Where: Southern California, accurate area TBA (once you sign up, you will get area, maps, proposals on dress, and so forth.)

Fetched: $40.00 (due two weeks earlier, please pay by means of the paypal catch placed at the base of this page. In the event that you’d rather pay in real money or check, please email me and we can work this out.)