The Manna Project

Companions! I am so delighted you are here! I have begun a little venture called “The Manna Project” that is a progression of one day withdraws for ladies. All ages. All kinds of different backgrounds. Every one of YOU! These retreats are intended to see better the profound orders that can help us in our strolls with the Lord, and how to join them into our every day lives. These retreats are intended to escape for a day, to think, to learn, to consume a few treats, to meet new individuals, to do a little work out, and to be separated from those things that can occupy us.

This is what you can expect on an average retreat:

10:00 am: Arrive, meet new individuals, appreciate espresso and a light nibble.

10:30-11:30: Bible study about the profound controls that we will be finding out about that day, bunch exchange, and rehearsing the orders we have examined

11:45-12:45: Yoga to extend our bodies and to practice a control called “Breath Prayer”

1:00-3:00:  Two hours of isolation. You. Alone. With Jesus. Furthermore a sack lunch that you brought.

3:30-5:00: Recap, talk about, appreciate milk and treats, and each other’s presence.

What you get:  A day of partnership, fun, study, retreat, hush, exercise, and obviously… treats! Be that as it may genuinely, you will get an hour of Bible study and materials that will deeper your stroll with Christ and prepare you in place that you may take these devices and utilization them every day, an hour of yoga educated by me (did you know I am at the present time getting guaranteed? Hell yes!), a light breakfast, dessert and munchies after your isolation, three hours of isolation all alone, and a take home blessing.

Our Objective:

Mass migration 16 paints a picture of an unreasonable and griping era of Israelites who have been safeguarded from the subjugation of bondage from Pharaoh. What’s more when they achieve the wild, they are concerned of what they will consume and beverage, and they assert that they would have rather passed on in subjection than be without in opportunity. Thus God provides for them nourishment, a substance that is wonderfully given, Scripture says “poured down” and its strict interpretation is, “What is it?”  for a long time God gave the Israelites sustenance. Which implies that for a long time, The Israelites consumed, made due off of, depended upon, held up excitedly for, and yearned for something they had no clue what it was.

How often in life do we take a gander at around at the hand we’ve been managed, at the condition of our connections, our wellbeing, our friends and family, our nation, and our reality, and we take a gander at the bits of it all and we shout, “What. Is. It?”  We abhor holding up, we loathe lines, we detest being lost thus we look and clarify and make sense of anybody’s yoke that will provide for us the answer we are searching for. At the same time Jesus lets us know that His yoke is simple and His load is light.

Jesus went out by the lake and asked. Alone. Independent from anyone else. He fasted. He sobbed. The Israelites put in 40 years living off of a puzzle substance. We, fill our lives with such a variety of different things, we have overlooked how light the trouble of Jesus truly is.

The objective of The Nourishment Task is to take a gander at the example of how Jesus drew far from the swarms of individuals, and drawing upon the antiquated Otherworldly Teaches including isolation, lectio divinia, breath supplication to God, and fasting, and to recover the profound trains as a vital piece of our Christian walk. Since truthfully, we are all meandering. We’ve been protected from bondage, and we are anticipating the guaranteed area. Yet, we end up uncomfortable with the obscure and having no answers is our most noticeably awful bad dream. Like the Israelites, we would rather kick the bucket in subjugation than marvel in flexibility. J.R.R. Tolkien once said “Those who wander are not always lost.”  Profound controls show us to sit in the obscure and attend to the soul of God to meet us, and to show us what it intends to be peaceful, to get the yoke of Jesus as found in Scripture and to quiet the voices of everything else.

Up and coming Retreats:

At the point when: Saturday, Might 19, 2012

Where: Southern California, accurate area TBA (once you sign up, you will get area, maps, proposals on dress, and so forth.)

Fetched: $40.00 (due two weeks earlier, please pay by means of the paypal catch placed at the base of this page. In the event that you’d rather pay in real money or check, please email me and we can work this out.)

R.S.V.P: bonnie at