I love life. I love sustenance. Photography. God. Forming. What’s more I simply put on a push to know anything. I blog considering the way that I love it and in light of the fact that having a voice is basic. I elucidate Parenthood in light of the fact that its the most incomprehensible, hard, redressing, superb, and crazy thing I’ve at any point done.

About egg yolks, considering the way that getting ready is an update that incomprehensible things can get together and make something brilliant. Besides, the Book of sacred writings consistently uses sustenance to relate the story of God and His obtainments, so why not photograph this event… step by step?

Moreover Yoga, in light of the fact that I have testament in religious philosophy and that is the manner in which my cerebrum meets desires: By yoga I mean extraordinary educates and my most profound being in which I attempt to learn of God’s greatness and ease. Likewise who needn’t waste time with space to unwind?

Super stirred that you are here!