Vegan and Paleo Ice Cream Pie


Today I have a special treat (no pun intended) for you!  My sister in law Sandy has an amazing Paleo food blog.  I have been so inspired by her creations that this week I made a Vegan and Paleo Ice Cream Pie, and she offered to have me guest post on her site!  Here is an excerpt from the full post:

At what point in our lives do we go from having opinions to have convictions?  An old pastor of mine once said that as he got older, his list of convictions got shorter and his list of opinions got longer.  I guess this means that as he learned more and more he allowed his mind to be changed, and things that he once felt very rigid about became a part of a category in which he held his thoughts loosely.  On the other hand, his list of convictions were few, but that much stronger.

You see, the thing about opinions and convictions are that opinions are often determined by our life circumstances while convictions are time-tested, well thought out, I’d-die-on-that-hill, beliefs.  It takes a strong person to have well-educated opinions and an even stronger one to have firmly established convictions.