Country Breakfast Pot Pie


My folks simply praised their 42nd wedding commemoration, which additionally implies their 42nd year visiting a sweet sea shore city. They have never missed a mid year, and I have not either. It’s our family and our dear family companions that go to a seemingly endless amount of time after year. It’s similar individuals, committed to early mornings loaded up with the fragrance of espresso and breakfast. Committed to getting together the vehicle, scouring on the sunscreen, and taking off to the sandy shore. It’s a humble community that hasn’t changed a lot throughout the years; a similar bistros, blossom stands, and pizza joints are things we anticipate each mid year.

It’s the smell of summer. In the first part of the day where the mist hasn’t lifted and even the ocean gulls appear to stage somewhat calmer, the waves crash with a touch of reluctance on the grounds that the tide is still so out of sight. The span of the sea shore is immense at the early morning hours and our objective is to discover a certain something: sand dollars. It’s the money of our excursion, and keeping in mind that we search the shores, we feel so exceptionally little once more; an inclination that I know is a basic piece of my perspective. It’s still at that hour. As I step on that sea shore every day during our excursion I inhale profoundly in and remember my good fortune. There’s something otherworldly about this spot. All obligations are pardoned at the sea shore.

On this specific morning we pulled up to our sea shore home and I could smell the heavenly breakfast that was being set up inside. We immediately put everything out on the table, conveyed the espresso, and plunked down together. Dinners together. With no TV. No electronic gadgets. No papers. Just us. Companions. Family. Friends and family. Our motions and discussions are loaded up with forever and a day of stories and recollections. There is a trust that is profound, an affection that is substantial, and as we each dive into our dishes, we are helped to remember the integrity of food, the tastiness of fellowships, and how great it feels to be full to the edge with both.

We dove into an egg dish arranged by making fried eggs the manner in which we appreciate. We included cheddar, spinach, zucchini, and hotdog. And afterward we set every last bit of it, in addition to a touch of additional cheddar into a puff baked good and heated it as needs be. It’s such a marvel and thoroughly invigorating that the eggs don’t overcook when enveloped with the baked good goodness. A token of the need of having dear loved ones to keep you warm and wrapped up, while permitting you to act naturally. It’s somewhat firm outwardly and the eggs are cooked impeccably within. The cheddar holds it together and isolates in that gooey, flavorful way that you just observe on plugs with that ideal flame broiled cheddar.

We talked, we chuckled and we made the arrangements for the afternoon. Under the table are exposed feet and little spots of sand that we hauled in from the sea shore. We tidied up, and the children of the gathering, which are the children of our folks, concluded we would go on a run. Also, we ran. Up interstate 101, onto a path which gives the most stunning perspective on the sea I have ever observed. There were slopes that were hard, however my significant other drove the way, and our companion Andy got the back with the young ladies in the center. Also, we made it. We battled through the slopes, we halted and took in the view, we ran on the sea shore, and we became tired. Be that as it may, we likewise were stimulated. We were together, and we were filled by the history we as a whole have, the future we as a whole hold together, and the food inside our guts.


My cup runneth over.

Country Breakfast Pot Pie

Yield: 6-8 servings

Prep Time: 25 minutes

Cook Time: 25 mintes

Total Time: 50 minutes

adapted from Pillsbury


9-11 eggs (The number of eggs will be determined by the number of other ingredients you put into your eggs. We made two, one with only vegetables in which we used 8 eggs and one with vegetables and sausage in which we used 11 eggs)

Many other ingredients of your choosing. How much of these ingredients you put in here is totally your choice! Some options are:

summer squash or other seasonal vegetables
chicken sausage
any additional seasonings

1 package pillsbury crescent rolls
1 tablespoon butter


Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Grease an 11 x 13 baking dish and set aside.

Place all eggs into a large bowl, and whisk until egg yolks and whites are combined. Using a large skillet, heat butter over medium heat until completely melted. Add eggs to skillet and let sit for three or four minutes. Nothing will happen immediately, but as the eggs get a bit thicker, begin to stir in order to make a scramble. Add ingredients one by one until the various ingredients are cooked completely. Note: if you are using onions, brown the onions with the butter before adding any eggs.

While the eggs are cooking, pul out one package of pillsbury crescent rolls and lay them out in a star shape, by separating the triangles by the perforated edges and placing all the flat edges in the center and the pointed edges outwards into a star formation into a 11 x 13 baking dish. Remove the eggs from the heat, and place into the middle of the star formation, Take the pointed edges of the star formation and fold them over the center of the eggs, covering all sides of the eggs so that they do not spill out.

Bake for 25 minutes, checking after 15 and then every five minutes later. The dough should be golden brown on top yet cooked all the way through. Serve and enjoy!