Dairy Free Weekend Smoothie


I don’t make New Years resolutions, because I feel like if I want to change my life, I should just get up, and do so.  I have no idea though, when that became so hard, or when I became so old.  Chip never wakes up and then groggily says, “Please, mom, just 5 more minutes.”  But I literally am peeling myself off my sheets in the morning to get up.


And I honestly wish that it was different.  That I was a morning person.  But the truth is, is that I’m not a morning person or a night person really.  So I’ve implemented a few things to give myself more energy.

Such as, eating dinner earlier.

Such as, more protein.


Such as, a smoothie every day.

Ugh I’m tired of typing “such as.”  Isn’t there a video of a beauty queen saying “such as” too much?


And of course, a little surprises in my day gives me more energy.  Yes, this smoothie has oats! Not cooked.  Just blended!

What do you do for more energy?

Dairy Free Weekend Smoothie

Yield: 2 smoothies

Prep Time: 3 minutes

Cook Time: 2 minutes

Total Time: 5 minutes


1 banana

2 heaping scoops of some sort of peanut buttery type food. I used sunflower butter.

1 cup rice milk (or other milk if you prefer)

1/2 cup quick cooking oats

honey to taste (optional)


Pour all ingredients except honey into blender, and blend for 1-2 minutes to ensure that the oats get blended real well. Add honey if you deserve for smoothie to be sweeter and blend again. Enjoy!